Biggest Holi Festival in the USA


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Holi?

    Holi is the ancient Hindu Festival of Color, also known as the Festival of Love. It is an all-day celebration held on the auspicious full moon day of Falgun Purnima in March. Holi celebrates the coming of spring and the rebirth of nature. Sounds of drums resonate through all streets in India as people sing, dance and throw color on their families and friends. Kids throw water filled balloons on unsuspecting neighbors and everyone is fair game, friend or stranger, rich or poor, children and elders.  The color play occurs in communities, open streets, parks and temples.  Friends & families meet to color each other as a symbol of love. This is also a day to forgive and mend broken relationships.

    Ladies prepare snacks like gujiya, malpua and other vegetarian delicacies.  Men make BHANG, a sweet intoxicating drink made with milk, sugar, cinnamon, and special herbs.  A Holika bonfire is lit and people gather around to pray that their internal evils be destroyed as the bonfire starts. It is an tradition to offer coconuts and corn in the bonfire as the Hindu priest performs a prayer to bless everyone present at Holi regardless of their religion, caste or origin. In color we are ONE !

  • 2. What is a Holi Mela?

    Mela means Festival in Hindi.  HOUSTON HOLI 2018 (also referred to as HOLI MELA or HOLI FESTIVAL or FESTIVAL OF COLORS) is the largest celebration of HOLI in USA attracting over 15,000 annually.  Festival highlights include all day color play, amazing Indian Classical and Bollywood dance performances, Foam Dance Party, FREE Kids Carnival Rides, and ceremonial HOLI Pragitya (HOLI Bonfire Lighting). The festival will be teaming with Indian merchandise and delicious street food booths.   Kids can enjoy several free inflatable rides and NEW for 2018 – Live Dinosaurs walking the grounds!

  • 3. When is Houston Holi 2018?

    SATURDAY, MARCH 24th, 2018 from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Rain date is SUNDAY, MARCH 25th.

  • 4. Where is Houston Holi 2018?

    Houston Farm & Ranch, 1 Abercrombie St. Go to our Venue page to learn more.

  • 5. Who can attend Houston Holi 2018?

    EVERYONE IS WELCOME.  This is a Family Friendly event with special activities for Adults, Teens, and Kids.  Everyone is welcome to bring their friends and families.  Usually the attendance is 60% Indian-Americans and 40% mix of mainstream Houstonians.

  • 6. What is the featured attraction?

    The main attraction particularly for the young at heart is the carefree throwing of color powder on each other, with occasional water guns bursts and a rare full water dunking by mischievous Holi Revelers.  This is a Mela (Festival), so there is a variety of featured attractions taking place at the same time throughout the event.  Street Foods Vendors will open at 12:00 PM.  The Main Stage will feature Bollywood & Cultural Dances & Concerts along with impromptu audience interactions & contests.   Other attractions include DJ Party Booths, Sponsor Booths giveaways, Giant Kids Rides, Instant Photo Booths and so much more!

  • 7. What is the entrance charge or parking fee?

    Advance tickets are only $10.  These tickets are limited and once they sell out, ticket price will be $12.   At the door will be $15.  There are usually long lines to buy tickets at the door.  To avoid lines at the door, we urge you to buy your tickets in advance online or at South Asian grocery stores around the city.   Parking is FREE at the Shuttle lot a few minutes away from the Venue with buses running every 10 minutes.   Go to our Parking Page to learn more.

  • 8. Is there a dress code for this event?

    YES.. Dress Code is WHITE!  Wear casual clothing that you would not mind getting colored.  As this is an outdoor event dress appropriately for the weather.  SUNBLOCK is highly recommended.

  • 9. Who is organizing Houston Holi 2018?

    This Festival is a huge community effort, spear-headed by Sandhya Thakkar of Masala Radio, Houston’s Bollywood Radio Station ( with the financial support of over 100 sponsors.

  • 10. Will there be entertainment for kids?

    Yes, Holi every tear has FREE kids rides such as 18’ High Slide, Bungee Jumper, Figure 8 Obstacle Course, and new for this year…. Live Dinosaurs walking the park to wow the kids.

  • 11. Will there be security at this event?

    Yes, Traffic Control and General Security is provided by Harris County Constables and Stage and Event Security is by Platinum Security.   Do not leave valuables in your car, and park only in designated areas or your car will be towed.  Bring Towels and leave in your car to wipe off the color off and to protect the seats.

  • 12. What if it rains?

    If it is projected to rain on Sat, Mar 24, the event will be held on the RAIN DATE, Sun Mar 25.

  • 13. Can I bring my own food to this event?

    Yes outside Vegetarian Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages are permitted.  But we recommend that you sample the Indian Street Food & beverages by local Indian Restaurants serving delicious vegetarian food at reasonable prices.

  • 14. What type food is sold at this event?

    Indian Street Foods freshly made on site include Samosa Chat, Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Chole Bature, Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Dosas, Idlis, Cookies, Brownies, Masala Sodas, Ice Cream, Kulfi’s, Faloodas, and so much more!  If you plan it correctly you can eat a different regional cuisine or dessert every hour!

  • 15. Is alcohol permitted at the event?

    No.  Houston Holi is family friendly event and alcohol is not permitted.  Because Holi is a family event, the park will not be serving any alcohol.  With so much music, joy & color at Holi, we assure you will not miss the alcohol.

  • 16. May I bring a photo and/or video cameras to take pictures?

    Yes! For personal use only, you can shoot to your heart’s delight and post to #houstonholi2018!  You’re welcome to post your pictures/videos to our Facebook page at (Like our page and then tag your pictures.  We will post our professional photos & videos to our Facebook Page within few days after the event. Professional use of photos or videos for this event require written permission from  All rights reserved.

  • 17. I would like to sponsor this event or have a booth?

    We welcome sponsors and vendors to promote their businesses and sell merchandise. Browse the Sponsor Media Kit or contact our Sales Manager Rinku at 281-277-MUSIC (6874) or email Office Hours are MON-FRI 10AM-5PM CST.

  • 18. Will the color stain or irritate my skin?

    No.  The color used in Holi is herbal and organic specifically designed for use on the body.  Color on your body will easily be washed off with plain water.    However, it may stain your clothes which is why we ask that you wear white tshirt that you can discard after Holi.  Holi powder usually comes off from jeans after you wash them.

  • 19. Will there be color provided at this event?

    Yes you will be able to purchase herbal washable color powder at Houston Holi for a nominal charge.

  • 20. Will there be an area at the event that will be color free?

    Yes there is a “Color Free” zone around the Main Stage in case you do not want to be colored.

  • 21. Can I bring my own color to the Holi Mela?

    You are more than welcome to bring your own color as long as its herbal Holi body color powder that is washable with plain water.  Permanent colors or dyes are not permitted.

  • 22. Where should I keep my valuables?

    We strongly suggest not to bring valuables at the event.  Do not wear long earrings, loose jewelry or expensive purses, the colored power play may ruin them.  Wrap cell phones in Ziploc tight bags.

For Tickets, Sponsors, Booths: 281-277-6874 •